Omnichannel Retail: The Future of Furniture and Homewares

Bridging the gap between online and offline

Unlike multichannel, an omnichannel business strategy prioritises establishing and maintaining a cohesive brand experience across all mediums. It is even not enough that you make all of your channels shoppable. Fundamentally, you focus on creating smooth transitions between those touchpoints. All to build a meaningful and the best shopping experience for your customers.

1. Different channels different stories

For retailers that create and sell elevated home essentials, the change manifested in how they communicated product information to shoppers in their stores versus online. For them, websites and mobile apps are not just a means of ordering. They are the front doors to their stores.

2. The retail store is still here to stay

The rise of e-commerce does not spell the death of the brick-and-mortars. Having a physical storefront is a two-way street. It’s about giving a company immediate and direct access to its customers while allowing customers to interact with the product. And the latter is key for home furnishings. People want to know exactly what they are getting, how the product feels, and how to use it. Essentially, an omnichannel strategy allows customers to have the confidence of getting the product right the first time.

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3. Interactive digital content

If you’re selling physical and tangible products, you can leverage visual communication and omnichannel strategy in a lot of ways. Specifically, if you’re in e-commerce, you can use 3D models and virtual tours to offer a 360 product viewing experience.



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